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Version: 2.4.2

Customizing the API Server and Kubelet

Providing extra arguments to the API server and kubelet#

Certain tasks, such as setting up an OIDC server, require passing extra arguments to either the kube-apiserver process, the kubelet process, or both. You can provide these arguments in the config.yaml file for your cluster. In the wksConfig section, there are two fields:

Each has the same format -- an array of name/value pairs. All values are strings:

- name: alsologtostderr
value: 'true'
- name: audit-log-maxsize
value: '10000'
- name: alsologtostderr
value: 'true'
- name: container-runtime
value: docker

Any arguments specified here will be provided to the respective processes. apiServerArguments will be passed to the kube-apiserver process on each control plane node and kubeletArguments will be passed to the kubelet process on each node in the cluster.