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Version: 2.4.2

Release Notes

WKP v2.4.2. is a patch release adding experimental EKS-d support, upgrading team workspace flux, and fixing the bugs listed below.

Supported versions of Kubernetes#

WKP v2.4.2 supports the following versions of Kubernetes by track:

  • wks-ssh, wks-footloose and wks-components tracks: v1.16 to v1.20
  • On the eks track: v1.16 to v1.18

Versions v1.14 and v1.15 are deprecated.

Any patch version of the supported minor versions can be upgraded to, using the wk CLI or the UI. The selected version is validated by querying the corresponding kubectl download URL. This check can be skipped by passing the --skip-check-exists flag in the wk upgrade command

Known Issues#

  • This version uses flux v1.17.1 to reconcile the cluster repository, as it is the last version of flux that garbage collects objects with owner references fluxcd/flux#2749. Also, objects with owner references are excluded from Flux discovery to avoid conflicts between Flux GC and Kubernetes GC. Machine and ExistingInfraMachine objects have owner refs and are also reconciled. Moving to flux2 should fix this issue and is the way forward in the future.
  • [WKP-1478] - Repaving of nodes in a multi control plane cluster is only supported when using a control plane load balancer.
  • Occasionally, after a Kubernetes version upgrade takes place, the flux pod running in the wkp-flux namespace may not start. If that happens, delete the failing pod and ensure that the new pods start successfully.
  • [WKP-1054] - Kubelet service failed to start on machine reboot
  • [WKP-1488] - Cluster version not displayed in WKP UI using ssh track
  • [WKP-1571] - weavek8sops/flux exists after cluster creation has finished
  • [WKP-1623] - WKP cluster helm operator can be used by a team workspace to take over the cluster
  • [WKP-1971] - Updates to docker config in cluster.yaml does not have any effect. A workaround to fix the problem is changing the setup/docker-config.yaml and setup/cluster.yaml files at the same time and pushing the change.
  • [WKP-1989] WKP fails to re-add a deleted node

Changes by kind#


  • [WKP-1646] - Expose EKS-d distribution flavor as an experimental feature
  • [WKP-1693] - Generate 2.4.2 release
  • [WKP-1756] - Support for Kubernetes 1.20
  • [WKP-1782] - Automate ssh key test cases from regression sheet
  • [WKP-1956] - regression testing 2.4.2


  • [WKP-1054] - Kubelet service failed to start on machine reboot
  • [WKP-1283] - Add pre-flight check for over-ridden clusterComponents image
  • [WKP-1487] - Running wk kubeconfig fails with default parameter values
  • [WKP-1562] - Workspace workload update fails to reconcile
  • [WKP-1567] - K8s version upgrade in the UI doesn't update the cluster.yaml or config.yaml files
  • [WKP-1572] - incorrect environment setting for wks-controller
  • [WKP-1573] - Cluster won't see changes to existinginfracluster object without updating config map
  • [WKP-1754] - Team workspaces need git branch and path in the CRD
  • [WKP-1886] - Example for adding machine missing cluster-name label
  • [WKP-1954] - WKP fails to apply changes to cluster nodes