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Version: 2.5.0

Configuring Entitlements

Entitlements files are necessary to run wk. They contain the limits granted by the commercial agreement with Weaveworks.

There are three options to instruct wk where to find those entitlements files. The options are checked in the order specified.

  • The --entitlements CLI option can be specfied:
wk setup install --entitlements /path/to/file.entitlements
  • The WKP_ENTITLEMENTS environment variable can be pointed at the entitlements file:
export WKP_ENTITLEMENTS=/path/to/file.entitlements
  • By default wk will look in the artefacts directory for ~/.wks/entitlements.

To check the current entitlements, run:

export WKP_ENTITLEMENTS=/path/to/file.entitlements
wk entitlements
Customer Company Name
Nodes 15
Versions > 1.10.0 < 1.11.0
Addons weave-net, kube-dns
Expires Sun Jan 20 00:00:00 UTC 2019