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View active alert definitions#

Prometheus shows the currently loaded alert definitions. Open WKP UI in your browser and:

  1. Click the Prometheus button in the list of cluster components Prometheus button
  1. Click Alerts in the Prometheus navigation bar Prometheus ui
  1. The list of loaded alert defintions is displayed Prometheus alerts ui

Adding new alerts#

Some example alerts are included in the cluster/manifests folder of your config repo. To create a new alert:

  1. Open the example-alerts.yaml file in cluster/manifests
  2. Uncomment the contents of the file.
  3. Modify and add new alert definitions to the file. (See additional resources for more detailed information about Alertmanager's alert format and options.)
  4. git commit and git push the changes to your config repoistory.

Flux will detect the change and add the new alerts into the cluster. Check that the new alert has been loaded by following view active alert definitions above.

Additional resources#

Example alert#

Here is one of the example alerts that will fire continuously, helping you check everything is working.

kind: PrometheusRule
creationTimestamp: null
prometheus: example
role: alert-rules
name: prometheus-example-rules
- name: ./example.rules
# This alert will always fire and is good to quickly test that things are working.
- alert: ExampleAlert
expr: vector(1)